Vitamin D

Vitamin D is much more than just "strong bones" -vitamin. Does it cure everything?

How does Vitamin D work?

How does Vitamin D actually work? Liver converts vitamin D3 into calcidiol, kidneys convert calcidiol to calcitriol, which is an active form of vitamin D. Before that conversion, neither sunlight nor pill form Vitamin D is active in your body. Notice that you need to keep your liver and kidneys in good shape so they can do these important tasks, so go easy on drinks. That active form of vitamin D, calcitriol, can bind to vitamin D receptors. Which we mainly have on the nuclei of our cells. And to remind you, our cells are like eggs, they have a membrane that keeps cell in its form, like eggshell. Then we have cytoplasm that is like egg white. And in the core, there is nucleus that is like egg yolk. So this active form of vitamin D needs to get inside cells so it can do its duties.

Vitamin D from sun or pill?

General knowledge about Vitamin D

Vitamin D signalling pathways in cancer

Vitamin D and immunity


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