To sleep - but how and why?

Even sleeping is a balancing act. Not too much, not too little.


40 facts about sleep you probably didn’t know…

Why do we need to sleep?

Longer than 8 hours of sleep increases the risk for stroke

The Impact of Sleep on Female Sexual Response and Behavior: A Pilot Study


7 steps to better sleep


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Radio 4EB has had difficulties with their On Demand service so we need to offer our podcast here without music due to copyright infringements.

Here is the podcast and the list of songs that were played during the show. If you listen to podcast, stop for every sting (short advertisement) and select a song from the list.


ListenVortex Show Aired 13.04.2015 

1. Wham - Wake me up beofre you go-go

2. Cazzette - Sleepless

3. Fleetwood Mac - Dreams

4. Nickelback - Lullaby