Sleeping with toys

Can you track your sleep with gadgets? Is it worth it?


Movement toward a novel activity monitoring device

Validity of Activity-Based Devices to Estimate Sleep

Direct comparison of two actigraphy devices with polysomnographically recorded naps in healthy young adults.

Smartphone app does not detect accurately sleep stages

Tips for good night sleep


Dr M sleeping experiment (listen to podcast to get more information):

Figure 1. Dr M was sleeping with two different gadgets for two nights. First gadget was SleepTime app for iPhone (upper graph) and Fitbit flex activity wristband (lower graph). Sleeptime app shows different stages of sleep, orange = awake, green = light sleep, blue = deep sleep. Fitbit shows light blue = restless sleep, blue = deep sleep and red = awake.  

Dr M sleeping gadget results

Figure 2. Dr M sleep efficiency and sleep time for two weeks. It shows both total sleep time and "deep" sleep time (good quality) which with Fitbit means no movements.


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ListenVortex Show Aired 13.04.2015 

1. AVICII - Wake me up

2. Faithless - Insomnia

3. Neon Trees - Sleeping with a friend

4. My chemical romance - Sleep