Sex, Sex, Sex...

It is all around us but what does it really mean. Vortex takes a new spin to the word and makes it all PG

Minkina et al. DMRT1 protects male gonadal cells from retinoid-dependent sexual transdifferentiation.

Tony DeFalco: DMRT1 Keeps Masculinity Intact


Estrogen in waterways



Interesting news from last week’s Nature (published 18/2/2015).

A Pregnant woman finds out she is partially a male.

A man at his 70’s found out he had a womb.

Are we thinking too black and white about sexes???


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1. Salt-N-Pepa: Let's talk about sex

2. Luke Pilgrim: Y Chromosome cliche (no videos available)

3. Rhett & Link: Epic rap battle of manliness

4. Dan Hill: Sometimes when we touch