Sugar Wars Episode I

Is sugar good or bad for you? What does science say about sweet stuff?

Is this “sugar-hate” a new phenomena?

No it isn’t. Already at 1972 a British professor John Yudkin wrote a book “Pure, White and Deadly”


Also, William Dufty published a book “Sugar Blues” 1975


There has been almost like an underground movement of scientistswho have been talking about the dangers of sugar for few decades, but the mainstream science community has been fairly suspicious about these few individuals.

Links to research that was discussed in the show:

Brain consume 20% of our energy, does thinking hard consume more?

Low GI diet and chronic inflammation, a review (Am J Clin Nutr 2014)

GI and obesity

The Australian Paradox

Sugar vs HFCS

Fructose (is not bad) with heaps of links

No difference between fructose or sucrose to liver health (review, meta-analysis)

Fructose in NAFLD


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