About Vortex


“ Vortex [ vôr' têks' ] a whirling mass of water, fire or air, A vortex is something regarded as drawing into its powerful current everything that surrounds it ”


team 2This explanation epitomizes Vortex Science Show. It throws you into a powerful current of latest scientific knowledge and makes your head spin.

It draws into its current all those daily knowledges we see around us, but never stop thinking them deeply. It lures us into depth of scientific knowledge, but in a way that is not reserved to only scientists in their glass towers, but to us all.

It shakes the glass tower scientists live and draw them into currents of our everyday lives. It questions and challenges scientific community and ask why, how and for who.

Have you read about effectiveness of intermittent fasting to longevity, health benefits of wine, the effect of positive thinking and so on,  but have always thought that where is the evidence supporting these claims. Have you read about amazing new discovery scientists have made and cured cancer - in mice - and thought that it is a bit peculiar why we still cannot cure cancer in people. Have you ever been thinking how science is linked to everyday life and would like to hear more about it.  

Vortex is a science show that digs deep into current trends and distills the myths out of equation by providing solid scientific facts to support the claim or burst the bubble of “it must be true because I heard it from my uncle/my teacher/health magazine”.

Vortex is not just a science show but it also wants to give voice to local future, current and past scientists. It gives them an opportunity to tell about how and what discoveries are made and what they think about world of science and mysterious things that occur behind laboratory doors.

Vortex wants to make people think and being critical to what they hear, read and see. Vortex challenges everyone to see above and beyond and embrace fascinating adventure we call life.